Rivington Holdings, LLC is an independent investment banking firm specializing in private capital and mergers and acquisition (M&A) transactions for the small and mid-cap energy sectors.


Our Business Principles:
• Client Focused. Our only objective is to achieve our client's transaction goals.
• Independent. We have no allegiance to any particular capital source or other banking agenda.
• Full Service. We can assist in every aspect of the transaction process; from conception to closing.
• Relationship Driven. We value long-term relationships.


Our Primary Activities:

• Private debt and equity issuances
• Senior bank debt placement
• Subordinated note offerings
• Merger and acquisition services
• Corporate valuations
• Recapitalizations & corporate restructurings
• Management led buyouts
• General corporate finance advisory services
• Comprehensive outsourced accounting services and accounting related advisory assistance

Our Target Clients:

• Small and mid-cap energy companies
• Privately or publicly held
• Start-ups and established companies
• Family owned or private equity sponsored
• Upstream, midstream and service sectors

Rivington Holdings is entirely independent. We access capital from all providers, debt or equity, giving no advantage nor benefit to one provider or source. In this regard, Rivington's independent status mitigates the external pressures, such as deal volume growth, league table status, sector rotation or sales and trading contingencies felt by traditional investment banking firms. Our size and independent nature enables us to focus on our core competency: "Advising clients throughout the transaction process to achieve their stated goals and objectives".

Rivington Financial Services, LLC

Rivington Financial Services, LLC (“RFS”) is an independent accounting services firm offering a full suite of outsourcing functions to small and medium sized energy companies.

Founded in June 2003, we provide comprehensive accounting and clerical processing services including, but not limited to, general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, joint interest billing, revenue distribution and property transactions.

Additionally, we can supply a financial Controller function which will coordinate the planning, organization and implementation of a client’s accounting, internal control and reporting processes.

Our accounting professionals are a cohesive group with extensive oil and gas accounting experience, having worked together for more than fifteen years.